My mother recently passed away and I had the daunting task, along with my sister, of having to stage the house for sale. My mom was quite the collector and honestly, I just did not know where to begin when someone referred me to Michal for a staging. She came in with her crew, courteous and on time, and started whirling through the house. By the end of the day, I hardly recognized the space. It looked amazing, clean and organized.

After the house sold, Michal arranged a tag sale which she was in charge of, and it went really well. For the remaining items that didn’t sell, Michal arranged for a charity pick-up and finally the clean out.

My sister and I could not have done it without her. She’s amazing, calm and thoughtful. For anyone going through similar circumstances, I highly recommend Michal Landor - to make such an emotional and difficult task much easier.

With sincere appreciation,

Malin Grunberg Banyasz - September 17, 2020


Dear Michal,

This is just a preliminary thank you for how you handled the dismantling of our beloved mother's home. Your professionalism and how you handled this very difficult task for us is deeply, deeply appreciated. My husband, Bill, and I spent months and months dismantling our home of 32 years in NJ so we can prepare to retire in NC. We worked very hard to do this, so I truly understand what goes into all that you accomplished in such a short amount of time... Your  networking connections allowed us to handle the emptying of the home we grew up in with great dignity... May God bless you and your team for what you accomplished for us - a monumental task extremely well done!!!

With thanks from the heart,

Stacey Siomkos Papalitskas


Hello Michal,

We are the agents representing Monique with the sale and just wanted to let you know that we are so impressed with the amazing job you have done getting her ready for Los Angeles. We will happily recommend you to anyone who may need your services.

 Sorry that we didn’t get the chance to meet.

Sincerely, Jackie and Marc


Dear Michal,

I hired Michal Landor to help me with the clean-out of my parent's home. I found her to be a professional in every way, as well as an expert on the collectibles, art and art objects my parents had in their home. I knew I made the right choice when she rescued a worn-out chair from my trash pile and sold it for $400! Despite the torn fabric, she was able to see that this chair was made by a very collectible 1950s design house. Who knew? She did! My advice to anyone who is disposing of the contents of a home is to put Michal on the job!

Sincerely, Beth Stein


Dear Michal,

I want to thank you for all your amazing help with my father-in-law's home. Dealing with a relative's death, being responsible for an estate with all of the emotional stress and fiduciary responsibilities is a huge challenge. Your assistance in organizing the house for potential sale and then arranging for the sale and donation of the house's contents, as well as the clean out of the house, was incredible. Your patience, flexibility and professionalism made a difficult project much more manageable. And I must add that I am most grateful for your understanding and discretion regarding the family issues and high emotions that always accompany these situations. 

It has been a pleasure working with you. 

Sincerely, David Kaufman, MD


I have known Michal Landor in a variety of capacities for many years. She is the first person that we recommend to sellers for tag sales, clean outs and staging properties, and our clients never fail to give her reviews. In addition, I have used her to stage properties that I have personally owned over the years.

Michal is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. She knows her stuff and is an expert at appraising antiques, running a successful tag sale and clean out in preparation for a closing. She has proven to be particularly valuable to families dealing with estates.

The bottom line is Michal has what it takes to get the job done, and I can highly recommend her without hesitation!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely, Julia Shildkret

Broker/Owner, Julia Shildkret Real Estate Group, LLC •


Letter from client to Julia Shildkret regarding Michal Landor’s services:

Dear Julia,

I do want to tell you how pleased we were with the manner in which Michal Landor ran the tag sale at my mother’s home. I found her knowledgeable and a delight to work with.

She had things well organized in advance and had a capable staff working with her on the day of the sale. She negotiated to get the highest possible prices. After the sale she arranged for the dumpster and supervised the clean out.

There are some items of values unsold and she is helping us sell those as well. Before and after the sale, she has made herself readily available to us.

I do hope you will recommend her to other of your clients. I am certain they will be more than satisfied with her professionalism and her results.

Cordially, Marshall Weingarten


Tag Sales By Michal Landor, under the direction of Michal, successfully completed a monumental task.

My father is a product of the Depression Era. He accumulated almost 60 years worth of stuff. My sisters and I, all living out of town, assumed it would take months to clear out his home.

Only a very organized person could orchestrate a pre-cleanup tag sale and after cleanup donation pickup. Thank goodness Michal and her company came to the rescue. Their attention to detail yielded both a successful tag sale and a home clean enough for the new owners to move into.

The good news was Michal and her company did not need supervision. They did their task in record-breaking time and they did it very well.

I would definitely recommend Michal to anyone.

Sincerely, Jeannette Nissenbaum